Polar Battleship

This game was created with the intention to facilitate the learning of polar coordinates. Choose where to attack carefully, as the computer does not attack randomly!

Wireless Weather Station

This is a page where you can view data from my Feather Huzzah Weather Station. The data is collected in Northbrook, IL.

Cell Division Simulation

This is a simulation of normal and cancer cell division. The changing colors of the cells represent the switch from interphase to mitosis and vice versa. This program uses the PhysicsJS library.

Spot It Game

This is a game in which you have to find the matching character in two boxes. This game is available in English, Russian, and Chinese.

Small Lisp to C Function Call Compiler

This is a small JS compiler that converts Lisp-like function calls into C. I followed this tutorial, and I highly recommend it!

Coin Flip Probability Simulation

This probability simulation was made using AngularJS and is meant to demonstrate that # of heads and # of tails get closer and closer to 50% of the total flips as the number of flips increases.

Snake Game

This is a Javascript Snake Game. Eat food in order to become longer and possibly beat the current highscore. The snake and the arena are customizable. Do not crash into the walls!

Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot

This robot can drive on its own or be controlled manually. It also has many other features, which include displaying data on an LCD screen and keeping the time with an RTC. It is controlled using an Arduino Mega, which is a programmable microcontroler. Click the link to find out more about it!

Geometry Triangle Tool

I made this tool with Javascript to help students understand the requirements to make a triangle. Students can drag the endpoints of the triangle sides to see if a real triangle can be made. Clicking "Show Answer" will automatically create the triangle for you.


I decided to make this simple game in Javascript in order to start learning about Artificial Intelligence. Face a computer in the classic game of pong!

Lorem Ipsum Translator

This is a lorem ipsum translator. This was made as an inside joke for STEM students. Enter any lorem ipsum text and you will find the hidden meaning in the words.

Probability Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate permutation and combination. Just type in the N and R term and press "Calculate". You cannot enter negative numbers.

Shooting Game

This is a game made in JavaScript. You have limited lives and have to defeat 5 rounds of enemies. On the 6th round, you face the boss. And beware, he is not like the others.

STEM Personality Quiz

This personality quiz was made in 2015 for freshmen STEM students to see which teacher they are most like. There is a secret third character.